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Sheet Metal


In 1984, Main Enterprises built its first 4,500 sq. ft. fabrication shop to house the new plasma duct cutting system- one of the first in Connecticut! In 2006, MEI moved into its current 25,000 sq.ft. facility complete with high volume duct fabrication/manufacturing & pipe assembly shop. With nearly 40 years of fabrication and over 100 years of HVAC business, Main Enterprises' is the go to shop for all of Connecticut's fabrication and HVAC services. If you are a contractor that sublets your fabrication and delivery of ductwork and fittings, let Main Enterprises price your next project! Call MEI today!


With our high-speed, lock-forming machines and computerized plasma cutter, coupled with highly skilled fabricators, Main Enterprises, Inc. can produce 1 1/2 tons of ductwork daily! Our capacity allows fabrication for jobs of all sizes and caliber. We are your outsourced manufacturing and delivery service catering to the HVAC trade. 

Call Main Enterprises today for custom fabrication with next-day delivery* to the job site.

(203) 334-3419



Contact MEI Today!

Custom fabrication for jobs of all sizes and caliber

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