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The normal life expectancy of a an HVAC unit is 10-20 years, even less if not properly installed or maintained. At Main Enterprises, Inc., the Special Projects Division (SPD) specializes in performing equipment replacements (large & small) along with the construction of tenant fit outs. Assuring that all aspects of customer service are provided to our clients, these projects collaborate with our Service & Construction Departments, and are designed to focus on our customers & client’s more specific needs.


Design Build

Whether it be preparing an estimate or a full blown engineered mechanical design, our in-house Engineers & Estimators understand that preparation, historical data, energy incentives and new innovations must be considered in each step of the process. Our first goal is to always apply common sense design practices and culminate an efficient and cost-effective project. 


Size Doesn't Matter

From small jobs to large and complicated, size does not matter to Main Enterprises. We handle replacements of all capacities and characteristics. Ranging from HVAC replacements to boilers and even those in between, Main Enterprises welcomes replacements of all types and sizes.

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Extensive Experience

Working with a company that has been established for over 100 years is a distinguished characteristic that is apparent from the very start. From rooftop units to plumbing and piping, we know how to deliver unsurpassed expertise. 

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CAD Drawings

Our Computer Aided Design (CAD) system transposes the existing space restrictions with new equipment dimensions. This drawing can be viewed for approval by a customer or landlord prior to installation for a more congruent installation. This process takes out the guess work, which may be essential for those critical installations when the facility conditioning down-time is of utmost concern.



Main Enterprises' SPD specializes in: HVAC Replacements, Chillers, Cooling Towers, Rooftop Units, Boilers, Water Heaters, High Efficiency, Plumbing & Piping, Heating & Air Conditioning, Design Build


Licensed & Qualified

Our professional team is fully licensed and qualified to take the necessary measures to deliver mechanical exceptionalism. High quality and doing things right from the beginning is the basis of Main Enterprises approach to all projects and services.


Get in touch today if you need replacement services from a licensed, insured, and reputable mechanical contractor.

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